Dining table step 1 suggests the features out-of people

Dining table step 1 suggests the features out-of people

Possibility rates (ORs) was basically computed regarding circumstances at the step 1-few days shortly after delivery and you can six-week shortly after birth studies set (1-times, n = 81 141 and you may six-few days, n = 79 022) that have those people on proliferate imputed investigation put (letter = 83 109) to evaluate the difference between the fresh new methods dealing with forgotten beliefs.


The fresh new participants’ indicate MIBS-J overall are 2.0 ( s.d. = 2.3). New EPDS overall at the step one-day once birth is actually 5.1 ( s.d. = 3.5), at 6-month once delivery is cuatro.six ( s.d. = 3.4).

1)pared for the 9681 non-users, the vast majority of one’s 83 109 is actually primipara, experienced (more tech junior college or university, technical/vocational college or university or associate knowledge), had a yearly house earnings off JPY4 mil or even more, and you may is actually partnered. An inferior proportion of people consumed and you will used during the 1-times once delivery, had a lowered K6 score in pregnancy, got babies having defects, and you will were prone to feel older. There had been no issue differences between the newest 9681 low-people omitted of data and 83 109 members have been analyzed with regard to the newest shipments off other covariates.

Dining table 2 reveals brand new EPDS full get harsh ORs and you can modified ORs at step one-few days and you may six-few days after delivery v. the latest MIBS-J Total Rating. Extreme connections of one’s EPDS Overall Get therefore the MIBS-J Total Rating had been observed one another during the step one-times and you can six-few days once delivery, which were in addition to observed immediately following changing by the plus almost every other covariates. (more…)

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